New buzzword urgently needed

My first post, and in a hurry.

Great discussion in the office today about bridging the gap between what we normally do – quality corporate video – and user-generated video. Basically, clients want to encourage employees to make video – vlogs? is that what it’s called these days? But employees don’t have the toys. So the idea is to facilitate users to generate content, by offering a range of help from simple guidelines, to online/offline tools, to sending a film crew to tell their story.

Seems like a good idea, and one from my boss (to whom being wrong does not come naturally). But an idea in need of a catchy name. Facilitated vlogging is too wrong.

Come on people. If you name it, it will happen.


One Response to “New buzzword urgently needed”

  1. Martin Ross Says:

    Update: My boss has settled on “DIY video”, despite my protestations. I prefer “Employee-generated video” or “Employee video” for short.

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