Kings of the road

A very pleasant day on Friday, on the road doing cred presentations to a couple of West Country clients.

Now, seeing that we’re in the business of producing top-quality videos, it was a slight blow to find ourselves meeting one of them in a room with a big, dappled lastolite pinned to the wall. Is this guy going to give us £££ to make his chief exec look good? Perhaps not.

But that’s not the point. The point is that this meeting took place in a revamped historic building in a small Cotswolds town with air and sky in plentiful supply. Why, in this wired, mobile world, do we live in London again? On Saturday our friends who were coming over for tea were trapped on the other side of the North Circular by the aftermath of some BMW-driving rebel ploughing into somebody unwise enough to decide to cross the road (at a crossing) at one thirty in the morning. Twelve hours later, road still closed, and much of the traffic in London being diverted along our back roads. Lovely.


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