Wasn’t found out

Well, it turns out that impairment is:

a. important (viz AOL Time Warner being worth $99.5bn less than originally thought down to an impairment calculation);

b. understandable to the likes of me when explained in clear words and short sentences;

c. fertile ground for future training.

Had a brilliant, stimulating day working with learning people and subject matter people throwing out all kinds of ideas, alongside vendors in the mobile, gaming, immersive and elearning spaces, and one poor boffin trying to maintain the appropriate level of abstraction when discussing what started off being called “navigation” and ended up being called “the universe where you find this stuff”. Big respect to the Big Client for having the nerve and the brain to hold the session.

Memo to future clients: hold blue sky thinking workshops where you work with enthusiasts to figure out what the future of training/comms might look like in this fast changing world, with enough of a deadline to sharpen the mind but not so much of a deadline that you’re thinking about the constraint first.

Then a less brilliant and more enfeebling day writing it all up. Memo to Big Client: you want it when!!?


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