Dancing in the Street

How often do you look at something Google’s done and gone “wow”?

Well, check out the Street View feature on Google Maps. In a few cities in the US – for now, I guess – you can navigate around continuous street-level photographs, rotate the camera, zoom in terrifying close.

And it’s completely compulsive. I thought it was just me looking for things to zoom in on, but no, Digg and its cousins are full of things found, like: a guy breaking into a housea cat looking out of the window, girls sunbathing.

So, how do we feel about this? Scared? Impressed? Bewildered?

And is it just me, or is the timing a little weird. Google Gears is the most significant thing they’ve released in ages (see this from the Guardian). Did they really launch the two together to distract the blogosphere? Or am I just getting cynical.


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