Generating user generated content, pt. 3

Excitement mounting. On Wednesday I get to talk to some real people about UGC.

To recap, the big idea is that in this big client, those bits of workplace experience that actually shape how you do your job only get shared withing a team. So we’re trying to kickstart the creation of UGC about experience, and build a portal to search, share, discuss, tag, syndicate etc. it all. And put into place processes to make it happen and manage risk.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we’re cheating a bit. We’re meeting a user and generating some content, by, er, interviewing him on camera, but making it look like UGC. And then on Wednesday we’re going to show that footage to a dozen or so of his colleagues and ask them if they’d take it seriously, if they’d share experiences themselves, if they think it’s a good idea.

And then we’re going to ask them if they’d like to think about some experiences they’ve had, and then record them in audio or video, self-drive or by being interviewed.

And then we’ll ask them how it was for them, share the results and see what works best.

Ooh. Can’t wait.


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