User generated content pt 4

Well, the workshop was a success. We were a bit short on numbers, but everyone got the concept easily and approved, raising interesting comments and positive noise.

It got really interesting when we asked them to try it out. We broke them into groups of three or four and asked them to discuss amongst themselves, and single out experiences they’d had which were worth sharing. And then we had two video cameras set up, one in a private room where they could talk themselves (with a non-company person on hand to help press the button but not to engage), and one with me interviewing them. And we had a laptop with on-board mic and Audacity to record audio-only.

And off they went.

These were junior people, not always used to being asked their opinion, more used to sitting at the feet of Masters of the Universe.

And, guess what, they were articulate, well-informed, able to structure a story into a couple of minutes or so, possessing of good insight and well-formed opinions.

We reviewed a selection, and all agreed that though the audio was the most comfortable to do (they’re well used to conference calls) the video was far more effective to take in. 

There were interesting discussions about risks, but we all agreed that the content was most likely to tend towards the general/personal and away from the specific/technical, but we’ll need to suck it and see.

Next step is the Big Pitch, where our little UGC idea (in nifty mock-up form), along with a range of other groovy learning ideas from other vendors, gets put to the people with the power (and the money). July 10. Fingers crossed.


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