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Wanted to share part of an email I just received.  A big shout out to Clear, for putting this on the end of all their emails.

This email is for your eyes only. It may be confidential or contain top secret Clear info. Does that make you feel a bit like James Bond? If you aren’t the person it’s been addressed to – whoopsy! Please let us know, then delete the mail. We’d also like to point out that any opinions expressed in this email aren’t necessarily those of the company. For example, it may read ‘I hate kittens’ when most of us like kittens a lot. As a company, we’re yet to discuss our professional standpoint on kittens.

Please try to avoid printing this mail (unless it’s for your ‘Clearites: Fond Memories’ scrapbook). You’ll be helping to save the planet which will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Thanks for your time, have a great day.

This is what we want.


One Response to “Top sig”

  1. cdashnaw Says:

    Where are these companies when I’m looking for a job?!

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