Awesomest games of 2010

Funny post at dreaming up where games could go.

Check this out:

A puzzle game for people who hate puzzle games and love brutal death. In Killchain you are an assassin who has no weapons, and no fighting skill. What you can do, is freeze time.

So, with each level you’ll find yourself in a bustling city, then, time will slow until all of the people are frozen like statues. You can then position any person or object, arranged so that once time resumes you’ll create a chain reaction of chaos that will ultimately kill the target.

Cut the brake lines on this car over here, make this lady spill her groceries, set this dog so that it runs across the sidewalk, event triggering event in a ridiculously roundabout Rube Goldberg chain of accidents.

By level 12, you’re trying to kill a target who’s two miles away, on the sixth floor of a locked office building. By level 30 you’ll be studying the TV watching habits of your target, realizing he watches baseball every afternoon, then sneaking onto an airfield, reprogramming a plane’s flight path so that it crashes into the stadium where his favorite team is playing, the sight of which will give him a fatal heart attack.

Winning will take thought, patience, creativity and the ability to think outside the box. Who says you can’t stimulate those things and have grotesque decapitations in the same game.

Now that would be awesome.


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