The disappeared

This is slightly sinister. Have been dimly aware of not hearing much recently from Phil Turner at H&K (lovely bloke, nice stories about rock ‘n’ roll), so clicked on his link in my blog roll to find… nothing, nada, just a login field.

I guess he’s moved on. Which happens. But here’s the scary bit.

All of his posts are gone.

It’s like he never was. Phil!? Where are you?

That’s not the point, really (well, I guess it is for Phil). The point is, we blog these words thinking that in some way we leave a footprint in the sand for future generations*. And yet with a click of a sysadmin mouse, pfft, gone.

If WordPress, Blogger and the like were to disappear, would all of our thoughts disappear too?

And, given my readership, if a tree falls in the forest and no-one’s there to hear it, would anyone give a shit?

P.S. Phil, if you’re reading this, comment. Reassure us that you haven’t been accidentalized, as they used to say in the bad old days in Malawi.

*Unconnected aside: if a future archaeologist were to dig up my house, they’d assume that we worship Bob The Builder.


4 Responses to “The disappeared”

  1. Phil Turner Says:

    Hi Martin. I still exist in the real world.

    It’s just that in the online world I’ve been archived. I’m trying to find where to.

    I never really thought that anyone but me, you, my boss, my mate Scott and my wife (occasionally) read my blog.

    But I loved writing it.

  2. Phil Turner Says:

    Martin I’m afraid I’ve buggered up your blog post by getting un-archived, for the time being at least.

  3. Martin Ross Says:

    And they said that blogging as an agent of change was all hype!

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