YouTube, YouTuber, YouTubest

I posted a little while ago about YouTube being all coy about stats.

Well, an interesting post yesterday reported on a talk by Jeben Berg, product marketing manager at the site, with some mindblowing numbers.

Last time I managed to find any out, the figure was 65,000 uploads a day.

Now, according to Berg

an average of 8 hours of content [is] being uploaded every minute

That’s a whole lot of kittens being cute.


2 Responses to “YouTube, YouTuber, YouTubest”

  1. Martin Ross Says:

    Update: it’s now ten hours a minute

  2. Martin Ross Says:

    Just saw an interview with Chad Hurley on the BBC and he said it was now thirteen!

    He also said that they didn’t really think about copyright when they were setting it up and selling it to Google. Yeah, right…

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