UGC Fun: The Money Is Where The Mouth Is

Jeez, how long is it since I last posted? Anyway.

Well, the UGC Fun really starts here. Back in December I posted about a new project:

Come New Year, I’m going to be putting together training workshops for a new client  (in the mobile handset space, and big in it) who are looking to train up 200 people around the world to become UGC reporters, looking for evidence of brand values being made concrete in the workplace and beyond.

They’ve got all the cameraphone knowledge, we’ve been asked to help these people understand how to make compelling visual stories.

How cool is that?

Well, the script is written, the interactive training aid authored (Powerpoint is sooo 2007), the handouts almost done, the exercises practiced on some willing colleagues (thanks, chaps) and we’re… I don’t dare say “ready”, but next week we will actually be up there in front of warm, client bodies in some (doubtless) well-appointed meeting rooms in a client HQ somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. After which, so long as we’re not actually pelted with fruit, we’re heading off on a merry odyssey around the world from Tokyo in the East to Sao Paolo in the West, giving workshops as we go.

And I can’t wait. This is a chance to actually meet the U in UGC, and try to equip them to mould their ideas into individual, creative responses to a wonderfully open brief. What an honour.

There will be opportunities to post on progress from airport departure lounges and hotel rooms, and I will do my best to do so.

P.S. Oh, and in the available downtime I’m putting together an internal UGC contest for another, even bigger client. Who I will ask if I may blog about it shortly. What a larf.



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