Tube Icons

Dateline: a bus north of Mexico City, heading for Teotihuacan. Taking advantage of the latest stop in the UGC world tour.

An observation from the Mexico City metro which we could well apply in London. The metro was clearly planned with a largely illiterate clientele in mind. As well as lines being colour coded, each station has an icon. Some are obvious. Observatorio station has a picture of an obseratory, Hospital General station a green cross. Some are less obviouş – does Chapultepec mean grasshopper? Anyone.

What a cool idea. We could build an iconography for the Tube! Sloane Square would be a 4×4, Manor House a kebab, Covent Garden a mime being beaten up. Get some ideas in the comments, people.

Still on the Mexico City metro, I saw, or I think I saw, some kind of zoetrope animation of a poster in a tunnel. It may have been the jetlag, of course. But if not, cooool.


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