The end of the world tour

Back at the beginning of the year I started to post about a big UGC project and now it’s over.

So, what to report? It’s been an amazing experience. Apart from the opportunity to go to New York, Vancouver, Delhi, Mexico City, Helsinki, and deepest Romania for which how can I be anything but grateful, I’ve had the chance to meet and train a load of amazing people, and start them on their journey into creating video.

The workshop attendees made films in groups, and most were quite brilliant, given that it was their second day as film-makers, given two hours to shoot on a mobile phone. Some of those have gone on to make more films and post them on the client’s internal YouTube. One won a global competition. Some videos have had thousands of views. Like, wow.

The purpose was to energise the conversation about company values, to introduce 2.0 ways of working, and to skill people up on the groovy devices that the business puts into the hands of consumers. Tick, tick and tick. And to create a buzz about user-gen video in a very internet-savvy company. Doubleplustick.

Six months after the first workshop, at company HQ somewhere in the northern hemisphere (they’re touchy about being identified) I bumped into someone who’d been on the first workshop. He told me that they’d all turned into mad video makers, and had gone out and bought some better camera equipment because they wanted to do more than the mobile phone could do. Result.

Job done. Happy. And on to the next. More info to come here…


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