Blog words by wordle

Words on my blog by wordle

Not that I check my blog stats obsessively or anything (that would make me both sad and sad, if you see what I mean) but I’m interested in how you get traffic to a blog.

Last December I innocently posted that my boss had announced that he’d had a dream about Penelope Cruz. Looking into the wonderful stats that WordPress provide, Ms Cruz is far and away the highest search term used to find my blog.

So… I’m wondering what the best random items to introduce would be, to suck eyeballs this way?

Lindsay Lohan and her new lesbian squeeze? (I’m not entirely sure who Lindsay Lohan is, but yet by some kind of weird cultural osmosis, I know that she as a new lesbian squeeze, and that this is somehow Significant).

Or is the ongoing collapse of capitalism a bigger draw? My fave on this, BTW, is

Or are these kind of things so over-served on the Wonderful World Wide Web that there are two many links to choose from? Perhaps a niche reference would do better.

Maybe referring to how Clone Wars sucks might work. Not that I really know what Clone Wars are (I’m proud to have not seen any Star Wars films since the original in 1977 when I was eleven and went to see it with my dad in Manchester Deansgate. I’m not sure he’s been to the cinema since).

Or introducing some dog-whistle phrases? “Star Trek vs Star Wars”? “McCain and his battle against dementia”? “Sarah Palin nude” (forgive me). 

Let’s see.


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