More UGC bow-stranding

An interesting development in the UGC training work that we do for large companies. More and more of them encourage employees to spend time volunteering in the community – giving up weekends to do Good Causes.  And a weekend of volunteering is a perfect thing to make a film about.

So far we’ve attacked this from two angles.

First we got involved with A Major Telecoms business, where a number of employees were going off to spend a fortnight each working with a company-founded charity doing Good Causes work in Latin America. We helped to specify and provide camcorders for them, and put together a short training course to show them how to shoot and more importantly what to shoot: video diaries, shots of the work itself, a record of their time volunteering, what not to shoot (the work involved disadvantaged kids, and there were sensitivities). And when they’d shot, we’d edit their material together. And d’you know – it worked a treat. Not all the trainees ended up going, and not all ended up shooting everything we wanted (video diary material was a little thin on the ground), but what they sent back was vivid, emotional, and better than any most company propaganda. They respected the rules (we were worried about them shooting weeks and weeks of footage) and they remembered the key points for the training. 

And now we’ve gone even further. Last week I was in a Northern Hemisphere city several hours flight away, training a room full of volunteer co-ordinators to film and edit stories about the volunteers who they place in projects. And I can’t wait to see what they shoot.

So, are you sending employees off to volunteer? Give me a shout and let me help you help them tell their stories.


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