Taking a break from a relentless day of Powerpoint to read the best of Reddit, of which two made me particularly happy.

You can’t argue with…


Happy grafitti #1

Happy grafitti #1

but a very big shout to for a surprisingly SFW* post called The Writing Is On The Wall: Bathroom Grafitti Artists: 19 clever or odd or downright baffling things found on toilet walls with some very funny commentary. Here’s my favourite:


Happy grafitti #2

Happy grafitti #2


This post is dedicated to the lovely Louisa, who left to go work somewhere else last week. Good luck to you.


What was I thinking? “Writing on the wall” is very much NSFW. What I meant to say is that considering the subject matter, it’s surprising that it isn’t a great deal more NSFW. Consider yourself warned, but you’re a grown up. You can take it.


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