How consultants consult

I’ve been a fan of Jaunty Angle for a wee while, and a big hat tip to Karl Roche for this:

So I was there to share, for what it’s worth, what I know and do in internal comms with the Danish comms team. Actually they know quite a bit.  They really just needed someone with a lack of diplomacy and nothing to lose locally, to kick things off and turn that academic knowledge into actions.

Yee ha.



2 Responses to “How consultants consult”

  1. ragtag Says:

    Hey, thanks Martin. Nice to be on your blogroll too.

  2. ragtag Says:

    Thanks for the email..

    We do use quite a lot of video ourselves, we video a quarterly message from the General Manager in the UK and a number of other senior leaders. It has become more prevalent over the last year or so. We have a couple of Flip cams we use ourselves for events etc and encourage others to use the same or something equally simple.

    Podcasting is the preferred method of may users though because long trips to work and having iPods. :o)

    Our general strategy across the corp is to encourage user-generated content in many forms. Last couple of years we ran competitions for people to see what they would come up with. Here is a winner from 2007 there are quite a few others on YouTube.

    On the whole we try to encourage everyone to do stuff themselves. We have many thousands of examples in our media library. Where possible we will promote good examples or use it ourselves. When we say good we don’t mean production values (we say good enough is all you need) but innovative uses, engaging content.. that sort of thing.

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