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Gaming Facebook

January 5, 2009

Big respect to my old friend Mike. He’s pretty new to Facebook, but has already hit on a brilliant way to get friends’ attention. He posted a scan of a painting he’d done (abstract, colourful, kinda cool) and didn’t tell his friends about it, but instead tagged 28 of his friends in it. So our old compadre Martin Croome (as in “I’ve had a Croome of a day”) occupies an area of black paint in the bottom right, while Michelle Shedro is the rather fetching violet on the left hand side.

When you’re tagged in a photo, you’re messaged on Facebook, and like a shot you check yourself out. Vanity. I guess.


And, as Mike Yarwood used to say, this is me:

My best side, by Mike

My best side, by Mike